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Leaders of Parent Engagement
40 years of international research in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia have shown that Parental Engagement is a key aspect of raising student achievement and wellbeing. This research demonstrates the significant influence that parents have on their children’s engagement with learning, and on their children’s educational achievements.


But parent engagement as opposed to parents being involved in the school is new for parents and teachers. 
It will require the changing of long held assumptions and beliefs by both about whose role and responsibility it is to educate the child. 


This will require the capacity building of both.

But cultural change takes time and good professional learning needs to be in the school.
So the best person to do this is in the school 
But who and so much else to do ………

This program will provide all that is needed to lead parent engagement in your school:

the hard work of research is done

it provides the latest research both national & international and best practice

translates the research into practical strategies for easy application.

Provides a tool kit of Readings, worksheets, prepared workshops and practice scenarios

And mentoring and coaching 4 times a year – working on Strategic goals, success criteria, how to incorporate parent engagement into the unique context of your school 

These can be purchased alone or as a whole package.

In this program is based on the dual capacity building of teachers and parents- (they can be done separately)
Teachers can be assisted to:

Engage parents in their child's education in the most effective evidence based ways

Learn 2-way communication skills that recognise the value of what parents do in the home

Engage parents in the social and emotional learning of their child

Look after their own wellbeing



Parents can be assisted to:

Advocate appropriately for their child 

Understand how schools operate and the important role teachers play

Learn and develop 6 Effective strategies that they can do in the home that are proven to make a difference to their child’s learning 

Look after their own wellbeing and hence wellbeing for all members of the family 

  To make the most of their child's schooling years using effective parental engagement strategies 
Be responsible for the social and emotional development of their child 


These can be purchased alone or as a whole package.


Coaching and mentoring


Latest research readings written for the different audiences –parents, teachers, Leadership

  Surveys- pre and post intervention
Workbooks pdfs
  Communication checklist – Social media and newsletter tips


Email Cathy@cathyquinn.com for a sample program of more information



Leaders of Wellbeing
Social-emotional, behavioural, or Spiritual Aspects of the school

Leaders of learning
Curriculum Pedagogy Professional development coaches and mentors.

School Leadership Teams

For leaders such as: 
  • Pastoral care coordinators
  • House coordinators
  • Year level coordinators
  • Responsible thinking classroom leaders
  • Deputies
  • Deputies
  • Subject co-ordinators
  • Leaders of Naplan preparation
  • Coaches and mentors
  • Leaders of Collaborative learning communities
School Leadership Teams
Assistant to the Principal
School Boards 

Contact Cathy Quinn to discuss what this might look like in your school!